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Rhino Assembly Company and The Tool House Unite as One

Rhino Assembly and The Tool House unite to transform the distribution marketplace into one designed around engineered solutions with a service-minded approach.

Sep. 28, 2018<

The combination of Rhino Assembly and The Tool House joins two extraordinary industrial distributors, very similar in size and culture with strengths that are highly complementary. This new entity will be a true combination of equals, enabling a more expansive portfolio of products and broader standardized services to its customers.

We are excited to join forces and be a part of something truly new and transformational. Joining of the two best engineered solutions distributors in the country will lead to good things for our customers and employees. - Dan Brooks, CEO, Rhino Assembly Company

Rhino Assembly Company and The Tool House have announced that they are joining forces. Founded 35 years ago in New Berlin, Wisconsin, The Tool House is the Midwest’s most reliable, customer focused power tool distributor, integrator and manufacturing partner. Similar to Rhino Assembly, The Tool House represents the very best solutions in assembly, material handling and material removal. Both Rhino Assembly and The Tool House excel in engineered solutions for their customers. Their team of engineers are motivated by delivering quality assembly options that range from manufactured custom solutions to an integration of products that utilize Industry 4.0 practices to create smarter manufacturing with the capabilities of delivering actionable data.

Blending the strengths of these two companies, Rhino Assembly and The Tool House, will not only increase the distribution network and geographic footprint, but will also create the most dependable partner; providing increased support and value added services wherever customers are located.

The two companies are dedicated to the development of this new alliance and will work closely together towards the transformation of the distribution marketplace to offer both traditional services as well as specialized engineered solutions to customers nationwide.

We at The Tool House have been looking for opportunities to extend our footprint in the marketplace and have found a great partner with Rhino Assembly. Our histories and cultures are similar and our vision is identical. This combination of great distribution and service will create a national resource for engineered products. - Dave Wirth, Founder, The Tool House

  • Expanded Technical Knowledge Network
  • The Most Advanced Products Available
  • Tool University Value Added Resource
  • Complete Repair Capabilities
  • Access to Exclusive Repair Management System

For customers, the blending of both companies will provide access to an extended network of technical experts capable of solving even the most difficult assembly applications while utilizing the most advanced products on the market. This will include opportunities for all customers to participate in on-going training sessions offered through Tool House U that provides information on the latest in manufacturing innovations, sessions on applied principles, and instruction on purchased tools/and or manufacturing software.

In addition, customers nationwide can take advantage of Rhino Assembly’s ground breaking “Repair Tracker” technology, a repair management system that gives customers a 360-degree view into the repair process.

Both companies are extremely proud of their product offerings and the quality of their guidance and service. This combination will allow both The Tool House and Rhino Assembly to “keep charging” ahead with a unified front to bring value-add, customer-focused solutions while also building a great team and culture. Sharing the products and technologies that extend beyond assembly tools and include material handling, worker guidance, process control and many other new technologies that the industry 4.0 revolution is bringing to manufacturers will support the progression of customers’ businesses.


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