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Rhino Assembly and The Tool House add Hovair Automotive to Their Manufacturing Portfolio

Rhino Assembly and The Tool House announce the acquisition of Hovair Automotive, located in Franklin, IN.

Dec. 18, 2018:

Hovair Automotive services apply to all industries offering design, layout and simulation capabilities related to the material handling arena. Products consist of, but are not limited to, lift tables, tilt tables, turntables (including the Starbase™ design), automated conveyor systems and custom material handling machinery.

The addition of Hovair significantly enhances our footprint in the manufacturing industry, not only broadening our portfolio but also our global presence,” said Dan Brooks, CEO of Rhino Assembly. “It is our intention to expand on the success that Hovair has demonstrated by providing innovative material handling solutions to world-class manufacturers.

Hovair has the expertise to evaluate all of your material handling, production, safety and ergonomic needs. Representatives can analyze current manufacturing processes in your plant and identify opportunities for improvement. Hovair specializes in the complete process from the time parts are unloaded from your vendors in the marketplace area to the final delivery of finished goods to your customers.


Hovair Automotive will become part of Rhino Assembly and The Tool House’s manufacturing division, which will be led by Jeff Hupke, President of Hovair Automotive. Initially, Hovair will be a distinct entity within the unit maintaining the acquired company’s brand.

“Hovair has grown rapidly over the years by providing innovative safe and efficient material handling products and systems to our customer partners.” said Jeff Hupke. “We are excited to join the extended Rhino/Tool House family and significantly broaden our selling reach through their team of over fifty technically trained sales engineers. Joining the larger organization will allow for more bandwidth to create comprehensive and value-added assembly solutions for our customers and drive future growth.”

To learn more about Hovair's capabilities, visit the website at www.hovairmh.com


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